Of course since we are situated right on the white sand beach of a beautiful tropical island the first choice of things to do is to enjoy the sea.  Other then long walks on beach or swimming in azure seas we have a wide choice of things to do.

We have a dive center run by our PADI certified master instructor Zach for those who want to scuba dive or snorkel on our very healthy coral reef.  There is an amazing variety of corals here and its growing better every year.  By diving here you also show the locals the value of keeping it healthy and the environment clean.

Boat tours to the many super cool small off shore islands are  the most popular activity.  We have our own boat and use vetted local guides boats.  There is a 115 year old English cast Dutch built 17 story lighthouse to visit.  Climbing granite monoliths for awesome views and snorkeling are other fun things to do.  Many islands have small white sand cove beaches to enjoy.  We can pack you a box lunch or even have the boat guys do a fish barbecue for you.  We always send a cooler full of drinks too.  Fishing of course is always available

Other tours. Tours to see Tarsier in the small hills are a great nighttime activity. Downtown Tanjung Pandam is mostly Dutch built and most of the original architecture is still there.  Fish market and port in morning is interesting somewhat smelly but that’s part of the fun.  Mining tours are educational and the history of mining here is worth hearing about.  BHP Billiton the largest mining company in world had its start here.  Visiting locals farms is a short diversion, its neat to see how locals keep themselves alive and they are super happy to show you their farms.  Long drives to other side of island and visiting other towns and beaches is great here as we have no traffic and nicely paved roads.  A 18 hole golf course set amongst lakes and right on the beach just opened and is a great way to spend a morning.

Sitting around the pool and relaxing is highly recommended for those of you who have high pressure lives.  But then is there anyone who doesn’t?

Plenty of things to do if you want to stay busy but plenty of quiet relaxing time for those who want to relax and just enjoy the balmy beaches of a tropical paradise.